He Is- Awesome

Job 37:22–23

When Elihu described God as one who comes in golden splendor, he drew Job’s
attention away from his dismal circumstances and toward the awesome majesty of
God. Sometimes we need a change in perspective—to take our eyes off ourselves
and put them on our awesome God and his creation.

If you’re going through a dark time or you’ve lost your joy in living, look
for God’s golden splendor. You can see evidence in the sun, the sky, the
intricacy of creation. God’s glory is even more awesome than what you are able
to see! Experiencing God’s creation can change your perspective on the awesome
Creator (see Romans 1:20).



We Climb Up and We Slide Down

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We-climb-up-and-we-slideWhatever we do in life, to go up requires effort, but to go back down takes no effort at all.

You need strength to climb a mountain or ladder, but to go back down again, you just need to let go and fall back to earth.

It takes discipline and focus to continually learn and develop new skills, but you don’t have to do anything to remain ignorant.

It takes grunt, sweat and persistence to build a successful career or business, but to waste your working years requires nothing but ambivalence.

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How Times Have Changed

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You-have-the-opportunityThere was a time when the average person did what their father and father’s father did for a career.

They would work in the same job for 40 hours a week for 40 years, no matter how mind-numbingly boring and meaningless it was.

They would go back every day even though they hated it.

And despite being a mismatch for their role, they keep doing a half-baked job for years.

There was a time when too many people did work they hated, work that didn’t matter and work that they weren’t suited for, because they felt they had no choice.

Times have changed!

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